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My Loved Japan. Haiku by Clelia Ifrim

My Loved Japan. Haiku - by Clelia Ifrim

The volume of haiku  My Loved Japan by Clelia Ifrim (first appeared in 2011 as paperback at Editura Universitară) was published as an eBook by eLiteratura in 2012. 

ISBN 978-606-8452-22-7
Pages: 41

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My Loved Japan. Haiku - Kindle edition
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My Loved Japan. About this haiku book

Clelia IfrimThis books mourns the victim of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan and gives an impressive shape to the discouragement and despair that the human soul can live through when the irrepressible forces of nature strike so fiercely.

The whole Universe becomes  involved; ancient and modern philosophies echo through the reader's mind and heart; and the fundament question of what the mystery of life and death can be reverbates through our souls from the first to the last line of this volume.

To buy this book, click here.
To buy the Kindle edition of this book, click here: My Loved Japan. Haiku - Kindle edition

My Loved Japan. A few haiku poems


Cold night full of stars –
oh, this north east lullaby
after tsunami!


Not a voice or sound
but this moon path on the waves –
fishermen’s village


Bottom of ocean –
a long file of shadows waits
for a boat of home


The Lost Children’s Day –
fly, fly paper crane and bring
a present for them!


Radiation screen –
stretching his arms he passes
with a flying crane


Radiation leak –
the clappers of the wind chimes
tinkling in the night


Deserted houses –
the wind comes and leaves alone,
more and more alone


Snow on the rubble –
a sun ray lights the bed of
this confined woman


Name on a stamp book –
please, take it from the debris
and hand it to him


Hobby horse sinking
in the depth of the ocean
to make its farewell


A haiku written
after the Great North East Earthquake –
book on the ocean

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To buy the Kindle edition (from Amazon) of this book, click here:
My Loved Japan. Haiku - Kindle edition

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